Reports: Jeffrey Epstein wanted to run baby factory with his DNA

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein: suspicions, questions, conspiracy theories trail suicide

Members of a protest group called Hot Mess hold up signs of late Jeffrey Epstein in New York
Accused sex offender and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide Saturday dreamed of seeding the human race with his DNA and wanted to run a ‘baby factory’ out of his New Mexico ranch, according to scientist friends who dished on his proclivities.

Up to 20 women at a time would be inseminated with Epstein’s sperm at his ranch outside Santa Fe in a eugenics project, several prominent scientists and an investor who dined with the incarcerated financier told the New York Times. Epstein may have used his infamous dinner parties, which also included “attractive women with impressive academic credentials,” to screen candidates for his baby factory, according to Jaron Lanier, the virtual reality pioneer who attended some of the dinners.

Even lawyer Alan Dershowitz, currently fighting a sex scandal of his own, recalled Epstein’s interest in eugenics, though he claims his friend’s talk of “how humans could be improved genetically” disturbed him for its echoes of Nazi race “science.”

Epstein had floated the baby-farm idea as early as 2001, according to another attendant, who claims the idea was so well established he heard about it later from a “prominent member of the business community.” His interest in creating “superior humans” was not a secret.

The alleged serial pedophile was also interested in having his head and penis cryogenically frozen, according to an “adherent of transhumanism” cited in the Times, though most of the scientists interviewed describe Epstein as a wealthy dilettante who had little to contribute to science beyond his money – which he did, generously and inconveniently for those same scientists now forced to distance themselves from their benefactor.

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Epstein, until his suicide on Saturday,  was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges in the Southern District of New York, 10 years after a sweetheart deal reached with Florida prosecutors saw him serve just 13 months on work release despite the existence of a 53-page FBI indictment that included at least 36 alleged victims.

Then-prosecutor Alex Acosta, who was forced to resign in July  as  Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor over his handling of the case, reportedly told the Trump team he was told to back off Epstein because “he belongs to intelligence.”

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