Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky: glamorizes detention

In a trending video, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky glamorized his detention experience since December 2015.

”I have been about four years in prison now; a house fully furnished. In fact, our next neighbour was the senate president; a large house. I was free to move about. Similarly, when they moved me to Kaduna I was in the best area – government reserved area. It is a house fully furnished with large bedrooms and I was free. I have never been in detention with police there; in fact, the soldiers used to stay outside at the gate. That is what they have been doing,” El-Zakzaky said.

The video was recorded while he was on his aborted medical trip to Medanta Hospital in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

So satisfied was El-Zakzaky about the detention experience that he said he preferred it to Medanta Hospital, which he now likened to the real prison.

” When we came here we were put in prison,” he said in the video.

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”I will definitely prefer another hospital. I was told that some Shi’ite Ulama came and said I should be allowed to be treated in India.”

The Shiite leader returned to Nigeria on Friday, back to the commodious ‘detention’ in either Kaduna or Abuja.

His followers since his detention have been mounting demonstrations, especially in Abuja to get him freed.

The last one on led to the death of a deputy commissioner of police and a National Youth Service Corps member.

Government promptly moved to declare the IMN a banned organisation.