Shell no longer acceptable to the Ogoni People - MOSOP

Fegalo Nsuke 1

MOSOP President Fegalo Nsuke

Fegalo Nsuke

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has declared that the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) is no longer an acceptable company in Ogoniland.

Responding to questions during an interview program on Port Harcourt radio, Family Love FM, 97.7, President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke described Shell as a killer, accusing the company of sponsoring terrorism in Ogoniland and that its activities can no longer be tolerated by the Ogoni people.

He said as far as the Ogoni people were concerned, Shell has caused the death of thousands of Ogonis.

Nsuke accused Shell of destroying Ogoniland and the future of the Ogoni people.

Responding to a question on a recent court judgment compelling the government of Nigeria to renew the license of Shell in Ogoniland, Nsuke said the concern of MOSOP is that the violations against the Ogoni people should be addressed.

He said the Ogoni people will not accept Shell whether the government renews their license or not.

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When asked whether the Ogoni people will want the government to appeal the judgement, Nsuke said “the judgement is not important to the Ogoni people, what is important to the Ogoni people is their rights and dignity to be respected.”

He reiterated that Shell will not be accepted in Ogoni whether there be a judgement to return them back to Ogoni or not.

Nsuke maintained that the Ogoni people should get justice in Nigeria. He said, the fact is that Shell has caused the death of thousands of the Ogoni people and such behavior makes the company unacceptable to the Ogoni people.

Nsuke called on government to expel the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd. from Nigeria given the irresponsible ways Shell has conducted its business in Nigeria and the disrespectful ways Shell has treated Nigerians.


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