Pinnacle, GatesAir sign pact on expanded digital switch over

Sir Lucky Omoluwa

Sir Lucky Omoluwa

Sir Lucky Omoluwa

Pinnacle Communications, Nigeria’s leading digital broadcast technology company has signed an agreement with top American firm, GatesAir to continue the digital TV build-out across the nation.

According to a press release by the organisation, which was made available to P.M.NEWS on Monday, “the agreement with GatesAir, which produces wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will allow the expansion of new digital TV services and the Digital Switch-Over initiative.”

The expansion, according to the statement, is expected to reach more than 50 million homes and 170 million residents.

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The licensed signal distributor for the DSO in Nigeria, Pinnacle Communications, brought a delegation to the GatesAir’s Quincy’s manufacturing facility in the US last Friday to see the next-generation product designs and readiness to complete greenfield build-outs.

“GatesAir has had a relationship with Pinnacle Communications since 1998 to launch TV and FM radio systems across Nigeria”, Sir Lucky Omoluwa, chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Communications, recalled while highlighting his company’s long relationship with GatesAir.