Raise godly children through proper upbringing - Pastor Elijah


Children: Good upbringing will secure their future.

Children: Good upbringing will secure their future.

Pastor Olusegun Elijah of Christ Foundation Bible Church in Ilorin has charged parents on the need for proper upbringing and training of their children to ensure a future generation that would be safe and secured.

The cleric made the call at a seminar organised by the church for parents on Saturday in Ilorin.

According to him, proper home training and morals are key components of Christianity.

He said that the training of a child starts from the parents at the formative years, which later transforms to an attitude or behaviour in adulthood.

“Home trainings, morals and characters are very important to us as Christians.

“No matter how prayerful or loaded with the word of God you are, without a good character or attitude, you are not Christlike.

“These behaviours and characters either good or bad are part of us because of our backgrounds, education, relationships amongst others.

“It will interest you to know that God is very concerned about us, even in our characters. These are the characters that we build up from childhood.

“It is time we changed the world and raise godly children by giving them proper home training,” he said.