CNN Poll says more Americans now want Trump sacked

Trump: More Americans back impeachment and removal from office

Trump removal supported by majority of Americans

Trump: More Americans back impeachment and removal from office

Fifty percent of Americans are now in favour of impeaching and removing President Donald Trump from office, a new CNN poll published today revealed.

According to the poll more respondents are now supporting both steps than opposing them, first time such preference would reach an all-time high.

In the poll, 43 percent said they did not feel that Trump should suffer a double jeopardy, impeachment, simultaneously with removal. Seven percent had no opinion.

Almost half — 49 percent — also said Trump wrongly used his position in the White House to try and gain dirt on a political rival.

Respondents’ stances are largely divided by party, with 87 percent of Democrats supporting impeachment and removal compared to 50 percent of independents and just 6 percent of Republicans. Both sides appear to be entrenched in their views, with most respondents saying they feel strongly about their opinions.

In September, according to a report by, the same poll found that 47 percent of respondents said they were in favor of impeaching the president and removing him from office, while 45 percent opposed the measures. By comparison, 41 percent of respondents supported impeachment and removal in May while 54 percent opposed it.

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In the September poll, about three-quarters of Democrats supported impeachment and removal, as did 46 percent among independents and just 14 percent of Republicans.

Despite the uptick in those pushing for his removal in the new poll, Trump’s approval ratings haven’t seen a significant downswing, CNN noted.

His approval rating stands at 41 percent in the latest poll, while his disapproval rating sits at 57 percent — results similar to findings in September and August.

In addition, more respondents than ever — 43 percent — now say Trump didn’t abuse the presidency or are undecided on whether his actions were improper, pollsters found.

An overwhelming majority of Republicans — 86 percent— also said his public statements on his contacts with Ukraine have been mostly true, compared to 83 percent of Democrats saying his statements are mostly false.

The poll released early Tuesday was conducted from Oct. 17 through 20 among 1,003 adults. It has a margin of error of 3.7 percentage points.