Apapa: Lawmaker decries return of tankers


Tankers on queue at Apapa

Tankers on queue at Apapa

Mr Mufutau Egberongbe, member representing Apapa Constituency in the House of Representatives, has raised alarm over the fresh invasion of Apapa area of Lagos by petroleum tankers.

The Federal Government set up of Presidential Task Team to ease traffic congestion following notorious traffic gridlock in Apapa area.

Egberongbe, in a statement on Thursday, called on Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to explain to Nigerians factors responsible for the recent return of gridlock and insanity to the area.

The Rep said that he had it on good authority that the Satelite Town Tank Farms had been shut, which he said may have been responsible for the renewed bombardment of petroleum tankers in Apapa.

The lawmaker said: “I am forced to cry out because I was shocked to see tankers gradually trooping into Apapa again after the presidential special taskforce has successfully taken them off the road.

“I had to make my findings and what I was told was that the tank farms site at Satellite Town area of the state has been shut for whatever reason and that has forced all of them to reroute to Apapa.”

Egberongbe described the situation as unusual, stating that the recent development may likely lead to nationwide fuel scarcity.

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He urged the NNPC to address the nation on the reason why the Satellite Town tank farms have been shut.

“This is very unusual. We have never had it this much where petrol tankers would be this much in a particular location.

“So, apart from the fear of causing traffic congestion, I think the NNPC needs to talk to Nigerians because this may likely lead to another nationwide fuel scarcity.

“A situation where tankers cannot lift fuel from other tank farms, then it would end up resulting in fuel scarcity. So the NNPC needs to assure the people that this recent development will not result in scarcity,” Egberongbe added.

It would be recalled that residents of Satellite Town in August threatened to take the case of the degradation and pollution of their environment to the United Nations body responsible for looking into human rights violations.

They stated that if the Federal Government did not reconsider its decision to issue new licences for the establishment of tank farms in the area, they would have no other option but to approach the UN.

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