Fani-Kayode pens emotional words for daughter at 21


Oluwaremilekun Fani-Kayode

Oluwaremilekun Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has penned emotional words for her daughter, Oluwaremilekun Fani-Kayode as she turned 21 years.

He said he would always love his daughter as she is the greatest gift God has ever bestowed on him

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21 years ago today the Lord blessed your mother and I with the greatest gift that He has ever bestowed on us. That gift was you.

Of all my loved ones you are the only one that has never doubted me, that has always stood by me, that has always given me strength and confidence and that has always blessed me with your unconditional love and warm words of encouragement even in my darkest hours.

So accommodating, so selfless, so strong, so generous, so warm, so kind, so gentle and so charitable, you never complained even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances and times. What a rare gem you are: a great and beautiful young lady and a woman of class and substance. A true Fani-Kayode!

I love you Oluwaremilekun Rachael Nanadjoa Fani-Kayode. I love the very ground you stand on and the air that you breath! And I always will!

Thank you for making the last 21 years of my life so meaningful and for giving me something to live for. Thank you for being such a source of inspiration and joy to us all, including your siblings.

Thank you for being the daughter that I never really deserved to have: the one that is perfect in all her ways, the one that endures, that is kind, gentle and long-suffering and the one that is just far too good for the likes of me.

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Over a thousand lifetimes I would want you as my daughter and friend over and over again. Nothing can come between us: not even time, space or distance. Each day of my life is a gift of love and a blessing simply because of you.

I pray you have a great day today as you attain the pivotal age of 21. As you cross that threshold of childhood to adulthood tears of joy fill my eyes. Yours shall be a long, blessed, happy life which shall be filled with the fondest and most beautiful memories. You shall find joy and peace and you shall give joy and peace to many.

The good Lord that your mother and I love and serve and that has stood by and for you since the day you were born will bless you beyond measure in every way and in all your life’s endeavours.

You shall be fruitful and productive. You shall flourish and excel. You shall live long and prosper in good health, peace and wealth. You shall find favour before Him and you shall lack no good thing.

The Lord shall guide you even in your going in and coming out, He shall grant you mercy and good success, He shall bestow His awesome love upon you, He shall fight, shame and confound your enemies and everything that you set your hands to do shall prosper.

From your little brothers, Aragorn, Ragnar, Aiden and Liam, from Aunt Precious, from your dear mother Mama Regina and from me, your proud father, it is nothing but the deepest love for you and to you. And so it shall be all the days of our lives. We are your family and we are all so proud of you.

Keep shining my darling Princess Remilekun! Keep being you, keep us all going with your drive, strength, courage, wisdom and love and keep on winning and smiling.

God is with you and He loves you so much. And so do I. Have a great day my Princess. It is your day and we rejoice with you.