Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is lifting up and covering up the ladies.

Skims Solutionwear, the reality television star, and entrepreneur’s shapewear line is expanding yet again. This time with boob tape and nipple pasties.

“This material is super soft and super stretchy. But not too stretchy, because you want it to hold,” Kardashian said on Instagram Monday, showing off the products.

“It doesn’t really rip off your skin like the Gaffers tape used to do,” Kardashian said. (The starlet has notoriously used the heavy-duty electrical tape — the kind used by production crews to prevent heavy equipment from moving — to hold up her bust while wearing plunging necklines and other revealing tops.) “That would give me literal scabs and burns for the longest time,” she added.

Kardashian launched Skims Solutionwear, the star’s attempt to create an inclusive shapewear collection, on Sept. 10. The line was rumored to sell out within minutes, pulling in an estimated $2 million in sales. Representatives for Skims would not confirm or deny this, but Skims’ Instagram page has been flooded with comments from would-be shoppers ever since, asking when they will be able to buy the products.

In October, Kardashian added the Cotton Collection, an assortment of loungewear and intimates apparel.

In an Instagram story on Monday, she said she’s been working on the body tape “for a really long time and I’ve never seen it in different shades before.”

She added that the nipple covers are just the right amount of stretch and coverage. WWD reports.

“This material is amazing,” Kardashian said. “Because once you put this on your nipple — there’s a little padding here — you cannot see this through anything. This little tier drop gives this mini boob lift effect without going as hardcore as the tape might be.”

Skims’ body accessories will be available in three colors on starting Nov. 14 at 9 a.m. PST. Both the body tape and pasties are waterproof and sweatproof and last for 12 hours, according to Skims. Pasties are $12 for five pairs, while the body tape is $36 a roll.