Sex Tape: Nigerians kick against expulsion of 300-level student

Babcock University

Nigerians kick against expulsion of 300-level student from Babcock University.

Nigerians kick against expulsion of 300-level student from Babcock University.

Nigerians have continued to kick against the expulsion of a 300-level female student of Accounting caught in a sex act in a now-viral video.

The management of Babcock University on Wednesday confirmed the lady as one of their students, adding that she has been expelled after proper investigation.

In a statement released, Babcock University described the video as a sad commentary on the moral decadence that has assailed the society at large.

The University further explained that she was expelled for violating the rules and regulations of the school, adding that her boyfriend who was also in the video had been expelled in February 2019 for grievous misconduct.

However, Most of the reactions on Twitter on Thursday believe the punishment meted out to the lady was too harsh, with the claims that Nigerian Universities only think about punishment and not reformation or repositioning students to become better after been found wanting.

Reacting to the expulsion, JJ Omojuwa wrote: “Babcock’s reaction to the video was to allegedly expel the student. Our sense of justice is punishment, not reformation. If the school is meant to build character, why do they expel those whose character they find short? Nothing in that video warrants anyone losing 3 years!.

He added, “There are options besides expulsion: 1. Give her a chance to transfer her units elsewhere. 2. Suspend her for a term or session. The same girl will make something of her life someday and the school’s reaction would have been an extra hurdle towards getting there.

“If a school expels your child for having sex in school, sue the school for failing in their promise to develop his or her character.”

Activist, Kayode Ogundamisi wrote: “On what grounds did Babcock University expel the sex video couples if the act did not take place in the university and was during the holiday?”

Here are other reactions on Twitter: