One dead as cult groups clash in Lagos


There was pandemonium on Thursday evening in Ebute Metta area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria as another rival cult groups clashed at Ondo by Cemetery Street, leaving one person dead.

It was gathered that a boy called Emeka was murdered in a cold blood around 5 pm.

An eye witness said Emeka was one of the strong members of the cult group at Evans Square area, who came to Ondo Street due to the fact that a reconciliation meeting was held the previous day among the three rivalry gang in Ebute Metta.

The rival gangs are the Ondo Street Boys, Otto Boys and Evans Square Boys.

The meeting was to put an end to the killings among them.

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According to the report, Emeka was in Ondo Street thinking that the problems had been put to an end but unknown to him, the visit was going to end his life.

It was however not clear if the Ondo Street Boys were responsible for his death.

A member of the Ondo Street Boys was also murdered in Ondo Street junction two weeks ago.

Residents are appealing to the police to beef up security in the area due to fear of what could be another reprisal attack that could lead to another gang war in the area.

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