One of the robbery suspects arrested by the police

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the news of armed robbers that were apprehended inside First Bank of Nigeria branch in Mpape area of Abuja following a siege by operatives of the country’s police in collaboration with the army.

The robbers would later meet their waterloo during an exchange of gunfire with the security personnel, leading to the death of one of the attackers while four others were arrested.

More startling is that among the four suspects arrested was a banker, a staff of the bank.

Following the incident, many social media users have taken to the platforms to give their different takes on the incident comparing it to a Spanish television heist crime drama series ‘money heist’

Check some Nigerians reactions;

@ife_luv12 said “Armed robbers trapped inside Abuja bank. Money heist gone wrong 😂🤣🙊”

@the_lopetee said “The Money Heist would have gone well but there was traffic so the Professor couldn’t delay the police force and that was the time Glo decided to fuck up.  LA Casa De Naira gone wrong.”

@iamtoppyjay said “Now I understand why they did this 💔Money heist gone wrong in Mpape😂”

@Tife_fabunmi said “So some robbers decided to do their own Money Heist in Abuja but they failed. They completely forgot that professor in the real money heist didn’t go to chill in Shoprite and he didn’t use GLO to communicate with them. Ibadan, ikeja, warri, & Ikorodu are all going to prison now😹”

@dammiedammie35 said “Abuja robbers performing their money heist without the professor like 😭💀”

@umar_ayotunde said “What if this is all planned out. What if the robbers just wanted to get arrested to stage a prison break from Kiri Kiri. I’m sure the unknown Proff of this Money Heist has something up his sleeves. Fingers crossed🤔😂”

@djsheylex said “Money heist…No mask. No jump Suit. No professor. No Tokyo. You have no one that Laughs Like Denver. And you are wondering why you failed?”

@CocaCoder said “DENVER has been arrested… How can you plan a money Heist without a Professor?😂🤣

@akan_Des said “These SARS men looking like they didn’t celebrate Christmas, imagine giving these crew to them as gifts for the festive period 😂 Money heist straight outta Mpape.”

@EzraelAni said “We were expecting Money Heist season 4 in Abuja but they gave us 44 Minutes part 2 😅”

@Femioshi1 said “So some guys planned a big money heist at Mpape Abuja, little did they know that the police were 10 steps ahead. No life lost, no money lost Firstbank safe.”

@ices_prince said “The professor used 20yrs to plan for the Money Heist but some boys from ijebu-ode think they can infiltrate and come out successfully after just a day of practice, lmao😂😂. I’m just happy that we watched season 4 before the producers released it…”

@MeetTheRichard said “The Nigerian armed forces deserve some accolades for this bravery they put in play today. I haven’t seen the Money Heist movie but I believe they played the role better than the acts in the movie. As for the armed robbers, soapy awaits them inside Kiri Kir.”