Tragic: How LASU female student Daley-Oladele ended up in a pot of soup

Favour Daley Oladele

A 22-year-old Lagos State University (LASU) final year Theatre Arts Student Favour Daley-Oladele has been reported murdered by her boyfriend, some of her body parts dismembered, cooked and eaten by the boyfriend’s mother, as part of a bizarre money-making ritual.

The murder occurred 8 December at Ikoyi-Ile, Ikire in Osun state, 270 km from the lady’s school.

Favour had left her school on 7 December to visit her parents in Osun State. On her return on 8 December, she stopped to visit her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko. It was not clear where they met, as one account said Adeeko drove the girl from Lagos to Ikire on the fateful day.

Owolabi Adeeko, right and the fake prophet Segun Philip
Adeeko and the mother

There she was drugged by son and mother and later dragged to the killing altar of a Cherubim and Seraphim prophet, Segun Philips. Adeeko said to be a Yahoo Yahoo boy, smashed Favour’s head with pestle three times. After the girl was confirmed dead, the murderous prophet slit her throat as if killing a goat.

He then dismembered her by removing the heart and tongue and other body parts, which were cooked for Adeeko’s mother to eat.

The ‘prophet’ collected N250000 for his service.

All the conspirators involved in the brutal murder have been arrested by the police in Mowe, Ogun state, The Nation reported. They will soon be paraded by Ogun state police commissioner, Kenneth Ebrimson.

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Favour had visited her parents that fateful weekend and was returning to school on 8 December when she received a phone call from Adeeko, her boyfriend, requesting that they meet.

Favour told her parents that she would stop to see a friend on her way to school and would call them on returning to school to prepare for her exams.

When no phone calls came from her as she promised, the parents began to try her line. In vain, they tried to reach her for two days. They soon grew agitated and decided to physically visit her in school to be assured that all was well with her.

But they were shocked when they were told at the university that she had not been seen. They were advised to report to the police immediately.

They headed to the Mowe Police Station where the process to locate her started. The police began by tracking her phone. This led them to the murderous prophet, now using the phone and the rest of the killers.

The Daley-Oladeles are still in shock over the murder of their daughter.

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