Mixed reactions trail Davido and babymama's drama


Davido and Nigerian Pop singer, David 'Davido' Adeleke has cleared the air following reports that he took his first daughter's mother, Sophia Momodu for a "holiday" to Ghana as claimed.

Imade and mum, Sophia Momodu

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Nigerians on social media giving different opinions regarding the ongoing drama between singer, Nigerian Pop singer, Davido and his Baby mama, Sophia Momodu, on Instagram.

Davido had on Thursday taken to his Instastories to correct the insinuation that he flew with Sophia, his first baby mama, and their daughter, Imade, for a mini-vacation in Ghana, last week.

This speculation was fuelled after both of them shared photos from the same private jet on the same day with Davido’s caption reading ” a mini-vacation with my daughter”.

The Risky crooner said he only gave Sophia a lift as she had business to do in Ghana as well and could not have imagined Sophia leaving their daughter back in Nigeria or Imade flying an economy class to Ghana.

The post did not go well with Sophia as she immediately took to her page to react, stating that she did not ask for a lift as Davido implied.

She also pointed out that she and their daughter fly first class or business class.

However, Nigerians on Twitter are divided in their opinions on the drama. See their reactions below;

@tolutezzy_ said “Davido’s problem is that he always take anything he see here on social media too personally.
You’re a celebrity and you think you won’t have haters? They will drag you, you will reply, they will abuse you, you will reply.. acting like he owes anyone an explanation.”

@mbahdeyforyou said “See as una carry Davido matter for head like government work. I even blame Davido for trying to clear the air. i trust wizkid, he no go even answer all of una.”

@Cutewalterr said “All Davido has ever done was try as much as possible not to offend Chioma or his marriage but even at that they still find ways to drag him. He disrespected Sophia how? He should rather disrespect Chioma? Won’t y’all still push the Menaskom Agenda? O ma ga ooo.”

@Tife_fabunmi said “Davido actually owes no one an explanation for giving Sophia a lift “IF” Chioma was aware before he did it. Because whether he explains or not some of you will still look for a fault in everything.
He’s a good father and I admire the kinda love he has for Chioma. E plenty!”

@ObongRoviel said “I’ve read Davido’s explanation on the Sophia and Chioma Topic And I’m still looking for the rude or unnecessary part 🤔 If he keeps quiet, you’ll still talk. Now he clears the air, it’s now rude and unnecessary. Kilo Ko mi.”

@Teghte said “What’s all this talk about Davido disrespecting his baby mama. Since when did “flying economy” become an insult? Flying economy to Ghana is over 100k. Since when do broke people spend that much on flight tickets?”

@demithacreator said “But ya’ll know Davido didn’t intend to make that write up to come out the way it did. He just used a poor choice of words. Cos from what I’ve been seeing, they are cool.”

@timi_of_lagos said “Sophia Momodu said she never asked davido for a lift. So who’s the liar between this grown up people now 🤔🤔🤔”

@Cutewalterr said “I wanted to book Economy Flight to Owerri on December and I was seeing N65k -N70k, Owerri ooo not Ghana. I had to Japa and enter GIG. That’s what Davido mentioned and you people are calling disrespect? I don’t blame you.”

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@Bolanle_aa said “I like how Davido loves Chioma and how he feels he needs to be better but putting other women down at the expense is a NO! You can treat your girl right without making your baby mamas feel less, make your point whilst respecting everyone for God’s sake!”

@mjjuniormodel said “Davido didn’t disrespect Sophia Momodu with his response, he was simply trying to clear the air. Which wasn’t necessary Cos he owes no one any fucking explanation. But you see Sophia Momodu? She’s lowkey a clout chaser and still wishes she was the main chick 🤷🏽‍♂️”

@FOnyeoziri said “At the end of the day, Chioma is the perfect match for Davido. She has zero need for social media validation and seeks no public attention whatsoever. Just a quiet, private, lovely lady to compliment Davido’s over exposure to the media.”

@sugabelly said “This Chioma, Davido, and Sophia matter is why women need to have their own money and own full life identity away from the man they have a child for. Imagine the father of your child telling the world all you can afford is Economy class while he’s a millionaire. Money is power.”

@mrmicheal_ said “Davido too dey clear air. Wizkid no dey send. The air dey clear himself. Last time Wizkid had baby mama issues, man was trending with bants up and down. Later in the day, Wizkid tweeted ‘abeg where i fit chop amala for Milan.”

@Cllaytus said “Girls who have never been given lift on a motorcycle are calling out Davido for giving Sophia a lift in his private jet. Okrrrrr”

@YimikaOwoaje said “In my own opinion Davido should not have traveled via private jet it shows an utter disregard for people with 2 legs which is a majority of the population, he should have walked with Imade on his back and his baby mama on a donkey.”

@Medusa_98 said “Davido is a real clout chaser tho ..he used this caption knowing that blogs will pick it up now he is writing epistles saying another story #dramaking 😂😂”

@AnnMarie014 said “What kinda nonsense post is Davido posting sef? Abeg this guy has some growing up to do😏😥😤”

@archipalagodb said “Somebody tell Davido I said he’s very stupid for bringing her baby mama to Ghana whiles he had just proposed to Chioma!!! I will unleash the #PalagoVenom on him soon!”

@a__vanita said “Davido’s explanation was rude, belittling and uncalled for. Total disrespect to Sophia.”

@sugabillionaire said “What’s the problem with Davido flying the mother of his kid to Ghana? Are they enemies ni?

@Rozapepper said “I would only say Davido disrespects Sophia if he had said “My baby mama” where he used “My daughter’s mom” Big respect to Davido 💖 But haters no go see that one 😂😂”

@Adunni_Achebe said “I feel like Davido and Chioma need to understand that sometimes, the best way to deal with rumours/gossips is to ignore them. People don’t really care about the truth, they just need a story.”

@Frank_LeanXV said “Davido clearly meant he was being a “nice” person to give her baby mama a lift in his PJ than have her fly economy which is obviously not better than the PJ since he was also going to the same country. It’s not hard to understand unless you just want to drive a rubbish narrative.”

@iam_idboss said “I still wonder how some self-acclaimed intellectuals are misquoting the part where Davido mentioned Sophia flying economy. Is it that they don’t really understand what he meant or they just want to drag him for the likes and Retweet? 🤦‍♂️”

@FOnyeoziri said “Davido: “It was either that or she fly economy. How is that statement even disrespectful to Sophia? How many of us can afford to travel by air, talk more of flying business class. Please y’all shouldn’t take this over sensitivity into 2020.”