10 infants die in Indian hospital

infant deaths

Infant deaths rampant in India

Infant deaths rampant in India

Ten infant deaths have been reported for the month of December in a hospital in the Bundi district, Rajasthan in western India.

The hospital administration, in their clarification, said that deaths of the children occurred due to various causes and added that it was not due to the hospital’s irresponsibility.

According to India Today, a doctor said the children were already in serious condition when they were admitted, adding that some were underweight, some had breathing issues, and some consumed contaminated water.

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“During December, 10 infants lost their lives due to various ailments. Some of them had also come after they were referred to this hospital from other places, some of the infants were underweight, while others had breathing issues and a few also had consumed contaminated water,” Duty in-Charge at the hospital, Hitesh Soni told reporters.

“They were already in a serious condition, that is why the deaths occurred,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Additional District Collector took a report of the incident and has also instructed the hospital administration to ensure cleanliness in order to avoid any chances of contamination.