Read why Daddy Showkey never cut his hair


Daddy Showkey condemns attack on NDA by bandits.

Daddy Showkey

49-year-old veteran Nigerian galala singer Daddy Showkey reveals how he started wearing his age-long dreadlocks.

On social media, he shared a story of one lady identified as Sister P, who made him realize his African roots and so he decided never to cut his hair.

He wrote:

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She is Sister P, the person that change my life and my way of thinking I met sister P, in rototom Sunsplash in Italy in the year 2000, she made me to realize who I am an African and I should be proud of who I am a Nigerian, from that day I decided that I will not cut my hair, I have been looking for how to link her up until I saw this post on @rastafaritv an interview of the Great Sister P, her consciousness is Second to none respect Sister P

Born as John Asiemo but known as Daddy Showkey, his genre of music is called ghetto dance or simply ghetto. Showkey was popular in Ajegunle in the late 1990s.