File Photo: Eedris-Abdulkareem

Nigerian musician, Eedris Abdulkareem, says he feels vindicated 18 years after he released his third album titled “Jaga Jaga” a Yoruba term for a shambles.

The song “Jaga Jaga”, declaiming corruption and suffering in Nigeria was released in 2002 and caused a lot of controversies.

The title track was banned from radio by the Federal Government but continued to be played in nightclubs.

Speaking with Channels TV on Sunday, Eedris Abdulkareem said he now feels vindicated because the country has remained the same since he sang “Nigeria Jaga Jaga”.

He said: “In 2002 I dropped Nigeria Jaga Jaga, and the ex-president came on the National TV and said that boy wey sing that song, na him papa and him family jaga jaga.

“I was very happy that my message got to the president. I was very happy that the president talked back at me because that means they were listening and today I’ve been vindicated again because Nigeria is still Jaga Jaga”.