Nigerians call out FG for declaring Operation Amotekun illegal


Operation Amotekun

Operation Amotekun

Nigerians on social media are lambasting the federal government after it announced that the launch of a Southwest security outfit, Amotekun is illegal, stating that the issue of security is the exclusive preserve of the Federal Government.

The government in a statement issued by the Nation’s Attorney-General, Abubakar Malami’s Special Adviser on Media and Public Relations, Dr. Umar Gwandu, said the setting up of the paramilitary organisation called Amotekun was illegal and ran contrary to the provisions of the Nigerian law.

He said the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) had established the army, navy and air force, including the police and other numerous paramilitary organisations for the purpose of the defence of Nigeria.

This is coming days after Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has declared his support for the Western Nigeria Security Network, describing it as a pleasant New Year gift that shows that the yearnings of Nigerians prevailed.

In his reaction, Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, said the governors in the region would review the matter very soon.

“I don’t have an answer to this individually because I have not been adequately briefed on the new stand. I have just heard of that from you (newsmen) now. I will try to find out the position of the governors of the southwest states. You know I do not speak for the governors. “If what you are saying is true, there will be an appropriate reaction to it,” he said.

However, Nigerians and other civil groups have taken to social media to call out the federal government for the declaration despite that there is a similar outfit in northern region.

Pan Yoruba socio-political organization has told southwest governors to ignore the directive of Abubakar Malami, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice declaring Operation Amotekun as illegal.

Yinka Odumakin, the organisation’s National Publicity Secretary while speaking to the press said Malami is not a court of law that can declare actions of elected governors as illegal.

Afenifere said by opposing the move by the governors to secure their region, Malami is tactically endorsing the killings by rampaging herdsmen in the Southwest region.

See some social media reactions below;

@William_Ukpe said “Amotekun was inevitable. Restructuring won’t happen overnight, it will be a process until we have full regional economic planning. The people angry at Amotekun have Hisbah Police in their region. Nigerian police can’t do shit, because they never stopped Hisnah from moving mad.”

@AriyoAristotle said Amotekun is illegal. Hisbah is legal. S’West Security Network is illegal. Civilian Joint Taskforce is legal. Shame on the governors & every S’Westerners who bought this disaster upon us. SHAME ON YOU ALL.”

@emmolad909 said “Civilian JTF in Northeast assist military in fighting Boko Haram.
Hisbah police in the North assist in upholding sharia laws. But, Southwest AMOTEKUN is illegal.”

Najeebwali_ said, “In all fairness, on what basis should Hizbah exist and Amotekun not?”

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@iykimo said “There’s no law setting up Amotekun – Twitter intellectuals. Please, which laws set up Civilian JTF in North East? Those one carry arms o Amotekun no carry stick.”

@Blacphoenix said The SW governors had countless meetings! AGF didn’t talk! They slated a launch date! FG didn’t talk! They bought patrol vehicles! FG didn’t talk! They finally gathered and launch AMOTEKUN! Boom! FG can now talk/see!”

@haideendesigns said “I am beyond doubt that whatever doesn’t suit the agenda of the National leader of the APC in the SW won’t be echoed by the online SW ApC guys, AMOTEKUN issues a case study. See how all of them avoided it like a plague.”

@Riam348 said “Sincerely, I don’t see any issh with this operation Amotekun at all if the purpose for which it is created is followed strictly – to assist the security architecture within the SW geo political zone. For me, it’s a welcome development.”

@I_Am_marwa said “What’s the difference between “Amotekun” and “HISBAH”?

@olayemi_123 said “Amotekun is illegal…” ~ Malami

Lol! But civilian JTF in Borno State and Hisbah in Kano State are legal while ALL our various State vigilante and estates security men and our various house maiguards are also illegal.”

@SamBolajiSpeaks said “Malami’s position in declaring Amotekun illegal is not surprising. He had to dance to the tune of his kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen. But it is consoling that a member, of the
@NGRPresident, also a SAN, thinks otherwise.”

@bountymanl said “Now, u can see they don’t really care about us. Herdsmen has not been proscribed for the killing spree. Now States are beefing up security to stop killings and kidnapping. They cannot protect us yet they don’t want us to protect ourselves. Wickedness…”

@Collerk1Ent said “Since #Amotekun is illegal. The Northerns #Hisbah is also illegal.Since #Amotekun is illegal. The Northerns #Hisbah is also illegal. Since #Amotekun is illegal. The Northerns #Hisbah is also illegal.Since #Amotekun is illegal. The Northerns #Hisbah is also illegal.”

@ogunleye_deji said “Something is wrong in Nigeria if Hisbah Police Kano is legal. Hisbah Police Nassarawa is legal. Hisbah Police Katsina is legal. Etc…. But South West Amotekun is illegal security outfit, then something is wrong with our association as a United Nation.”

@EjikeUgobestman said “Amotekun, BSS illegal but Hisba the sharia police is legal even stronger than the so called Nigeria police . Plus a legal 11 Islamic sharia governing states in a federal state. Its high time we destroy this marriage and go our separate ways b4 we get Islamised.”

@sege_shegzy said “Hisbah police is legal, shariah law is legal when we have a federal constitution but amotekun is illegal.”

@obi_Nwosu said “Illegal how? Amotekun was launched in the presence of the entire SW governors including first-class royal father like Ooni of Ife. The FG should have chosen better words.”

@JGagariga said “Does lunching it in presence of Govs from South West makes it legal? The Govs of the South West should go back to the drawing and do the needful to have the AMOTEKUN fully functional, we’re aware there is vested interest in the AMOTEKUN as it destabilizes their secret agenda!”