David Barmasai Tumo

Kenyans David Barmasai Tumo and Sharon Jemutai Cherop are the winners of the 42 km Lagos City Marathon. Both smashed the records.

Tumo set a course record time of 2:10:22, erasing the 2018 course record of Kenyan Abraham Kiprotich, who breasted the tape with a time of 2:13:04. He got $50,000 for his effort and another $20,000 extra.

Ethiopian Sintayehu Legese who won the LagosCityMarathon last year finished with a time of 2:17:28.

Tumo, the 31 year-old Kenyan born in Eldoret, was the winner of the 2011 Dubai Marathon) and came fifth at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics.

Sharon Cherop, right: led the ladies

Another Kenyan Sharon Jemutai Cherop won in the women’s category by also setting a new record of 2:31:38, two minutes later than she made a similar race in Eldoret Kenya in 2018.

The course record was the time of 2:37:52 set in 2017 by Kenyan Rodah Jepkorir.

The 35 year-old Cherop is a veteran marathoner. She won a bronze medal at the age of sixteen in the 5000 metres at the World Junior Athletic Championships.

She was the bronze medal winner in the marathon at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics and won the Boston Marathon in 2012.

She also won the Eldoret City marathon in 2018 with a time of 2:29:57.

Kebene Chara Urisa from Ethiopia came second; Rodah Jepkorir, who won in 2017 came third, Mesere Dinke came fourth, and Kebene Chara came fifth.

The Technical Adviser of the race, Norrie Williamson, said the timing of the race was still in order, given the temperature under which they ran.

“The time returned was fair enough because of the temperature, they ran fairly well with a lot of energy,” he said.

In the men’s category, Dekebo Dakamo, an Ethopian, came second with a time of 2:10:55. He won 40,000 dollars.

Paul Chege from Kenyan came third with a time of 2:1123, and got 30,000 dollars as his prize, Cosmooas Kyeva recorded a time of 2:11:30 and came fourth and got 20,000 dollars as his prize.

Ethopian Deresa Geleta came fifth having recorded a time of 2:1135 and got 15,000 dollars as his prize and the sixth position went to Paul Matheka from Kenyan who finished with a time of 2:11:48 with 10,000 dollars as his prize.

“The seventh position went to Wubshet Demisse from Ethiopia got 8,000 dollars with a time of 2:12:48. The eighth position went to Moses Kurgat from Kenyan, who clocked 2:13:06 and received 6,000 dollars as his prize.

Benard Sang from Kenyan finished ninth with a time of 3:13:18, and got 4,000 dollars as his prize and the 10th position went to Tallam Cherutich from Kenya.He recorded a time of 2:13:53 and received 2,000 dollars as his prize.

Marathoners from Kenya dominated the podium, winning seven out of 10 available prize money