Sgt. Jakrapanth Thomma

A Thai soldier has gone on a shooting spree in Korat city, Nakhon Ratchasima, north eastern Thailand, killing no fewer than 20 people.

Police were searching for the soldier, who was reportedly armed with an assault rifle and is holed up inside the Terminal 21 shopping centre.

Reports identified the soldier as Sgt. Jakkrapanth Thomma.

Police said that he stole a Humvee vehicle from his army base and then went on a shooting rampage around the city. Jakkrapan later went inside the Terminal 21 shopping mall and started shooting shoppers.

The gun Jakrapanth Thomma posted on his Facebook profile

The gunman was alleged to have attacked and shot his commander, 48 year old Colonel Ananrote Krasae, and an elderly woman dead at a house, before stealing an HK assault rifle and ammunition, and fleeing from his army base in a Humvee, military-style 4-wheel drive. to the Terminal 21 shopping mall in the centre of the Korat city.

Police report that he then opened fire at a Buddhist temple, and then is said to have killed at least ten as he fired indiscriminately on his way, and then storming into the Terminal 21 shopping mall in the main city centre.

The dead included a motorcycle taxi rider, students, a taxi driver and, according to unverified reports, police and children. Other video show the gunman firing his rifle into the crowd and busy traffic driving past the mall.

Jakkrapanth has also posted several photos and videos of his attack on social media and has been updating with more photos and descriptions.

Speaking to the camera, Jakkakrapanth, wearing his helmet and uniform, spoke directly to the camera

“I’m tired now. I can’t move my finger anymore.” He was complaining he had cramps. 10 minutes later…

“Should I surrender?”

The man’s motives are not known to police although investigators are currently combing through his social media pages finding “incoherent messages”.

As of the time of publication (7.28pm) the gunman is still posting on his social media.Facebook has now deleted the posts.