Tboss lays curses on troll, defends her baby

Tboss & daughter



By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as ‘Tboss’ has responded to comments made about her daughter.

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An unnamed social media user allegedly wrote that Tboss’s 6-month-old daughter was not special after all, calling her an ugly child.

Sadly, the comment got the better of Tboss as she broke down in tears, laying curses on the said person while on a live Instagram story.

While crying, TBoss said; ”Someone said that I have a very unspecial, ugly child, leave her for me. Leave her like that for me. She is the best thing that happened to me. I am a proud single mother. Anything my baby feels is on me and have nobody except God, my biggest achievement, my greatest joy”.

”I didn’t hide my pregnancy, I was in pain, I suffered, I was between hospitals. Sick all the time. She is my monkey. You triggered me, insulting my child! I’m doing what’s best for me and you called me a yeye fowl. May God punish you. You wouldn’t live to carry your child. I repeat you wouldn’t have a child. You wouldn’t feel the joy of motherhood!”

She further warned that people should be mindful of what they write or say on social media because it might hurt someone.

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