Controversy as Daddy Freeze says Ash Wednesday unbiblical


Pope Francis and Daddy Freeze

Pope Francis and Daddy Freeze

Critic, Daddy Freeze has stirred controversy again. This time around, he said the marking of Ash Wednesday by Catholic faithful is unscriptural and therefore it is wrong to mark it.

Catholics all over the world marked the Ash Wednesday yesterday to begin their 40 days fasting.

But Daddy Freeze is questioning the rationale behind the marking of Ash Wednesday by Catholic faithful.

According to him, the Catholics’ worship is a farce, as their leaders teach man-made ideas as commands from God.

He wrote on his Instagram page: “Dear Catholic brothers and sisters, can you please show me where Ash Wednesday is written in the scripture? I have been searching all day or should I go and check the Bible?

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“I searched and searched and all I found was this. Mark 7:7 “Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.”

Catholic faithful have bashed Daddy Freeze for desecrating their Ash Wednesday.

But he replied: “I asked the Catholics a simple question. Where in the scripture is Ash Wednesday or Frejon? No one could answer, instead they went all emotional, calling me names. Please, show them this verse, Act 17:11.

“If the Berean Jews during Paul’s time questioned his teachings and checked the scriptures to see if what he told them was scriptural, how did we deteriorate into this abyss?

“How can you not question Popes and priests when they go contrary to the scriptures, or when they teach man made doctrines? During the time of Paul, even prophecies were evaluated, how did we get here?”

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