Coronavirus update: Facts and figures worldwide


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Medics transport a patient through heavy rain into an ambulance at Life Care Center of Kirkland, in State of Washington. US now has over 1000 infected patients

By Abankula

These are the coronavirus statistics worldwide as at Wednesday 11 March.

There are now 119,248 cases in 119 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harboured in Yokohama, Japan.

The virus has killed 4,300 people worldwide, with China accounting for 3,158 deaths.

In Africa, North Africa has been the most hit with Egypt recording 59 cases and one death, Algeria 20 cases, Tunisia 6. In West Africa, Senegal has recorded 4 cases, Nigeria and Cameroon, two each and Togo 1. South Africa has seven cases so far.

Italy, now on nationwide lockdown has recorded 631 deaths, with 10, 149 infections, a higher mortality rate compared with China, where the COVID-19 infections began in December, 2019.

China has a total of 80,784, with 61,503 recovered and 3158 dying. The country now has 16,123 active cases, out of which 4492 are critical.

In contrast, Italy has 877 serious or critical cases.

President Xi Jinping makes first visit to Wuhan since coronavirus outbreak
Nadine Dorries: catches the coronavirus

Iran and South Korea are next in line to China and Italy as most hit countries.

Iran as of Wednesday has 8042 cases. No new infection was recorded over night. Out of the infected, 291 people died, 2,731 recovered and 5,020 remain active cases.

South Korea reported 242 new cases, shooting the number of infected to 7755. Sixty one people have died so far, 288 have recovered, while 7,406 are active cases. Fifty four of this are critical.

In Europe, outside of bad case Italy, the other countries reeling under the bug are Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium.

France has 1784 cases, Germany 1565 and Spain 1695. France has recorded 33 deaths, Spain 36 and Germany 2.

Norway has 401 cases, with one case overnight. No one has died so far. Switzerland with 502 cases, recorded 5 new cases on Wednesday. There had been three deaths. In UK, with 383 cases, six persons have died with 18 recovering from the bug.The number of infections in Britain does not include the case of health minister, Naddine Dorries who reported that she got the bug on Tuesday night.

Netherlands has logged 382 cases so far with 4 deaths, Sweden 355 cases and Belgium 267 cases.

Japan has 587 cases with 12 deaths. But the number will get bigger with the 696 cases on the Diamond Princess cruise ship harboured at Yokohama. There had been seven deaths on the ship, with 325 recovered.

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In the Americas, United States is the clear leader with infections: 1010 as at Wednesday, with 31 deaths and 15 recovery cases. There are 964 active cases.

In Canada, 97 cases so far, with one death and nine recoveries.

As at today, below are new developments as the virus rages worldwide:

*1 new case in Canada (Ontario): a man in his 50s
*1 new case in Taiwan: a woman in her 30s who had traveled to the UK
*1 new case in Sri Lanka: a 52-year old Sri Lankan tour guide who had worked with a group of Italian tourists

*United States new cases include:
– 5 new cases in Georgia
– 8 new cases in Florida
– First 2 cases in Michigan

*242 new cases and 1 new death in South Korea

*24 new cases, 22 new deaths (all in Hubei) and 1,578 new discharges occurred in China on March 10, as reported by the National Health Commission (NHC) of China
*7 new cases, including 1 death, in Panama
3 new cases in Paraguay

On Tuesday:

*First 2 cases in Bolivia: a 65-year old woman from Oruro and a woman from San Carlos. They had both recently returned from Italy

*UK Health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive to coronavirus
*2 new cases in Argentina (Buenos Aires): both imported
*1 new case in Martinique: a 51-year-old woman from the commune of Trinité
*2 new cases in Bulgaria: a 66-year-old woman and a 77-year-old man in Sofia, who worked for Ilientsi, now hospitalized at the metropolitan Pirogov Hospital
*17 new cases in Canada, bringing the total to 94: 39 cases in B.C., 36 cases in Ontario, 14 in Alberta, and 4 in Quebec. Air Canada suspended all flights to and from Italy.

*2 new cases in Lithuania

*1st case in Turkey: a male Turkish citizen with recent travel history to Europe, now in isolation with mild symptoms

*United States new cases include: 5 new cases, including 1 death in South Dakota (Pennington County): a man in his 60s and with underlying health problems, 3 new cases in Tennessee: 2 in Middle Tennessee, 1 in Sullivan County (East Tennessee), 2 new cases in Louisiana, all in the New Orleans area, 3 cases in Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, all in same family: a man in his 30s, his wife, and their 3-year-old child (one of the family’s 4 children), 1 new case in Oregon, 74 new cases and 2 new deaths in Washington state.

Also in the US, 8 new cases in Illinois, 51 new cases in Massachusetts, 5 new cases in Iowa, 1 new case in Minnesota (Anoka County), 1 new case in Virginia (Loudoun County), 6 new cases in California (Santa Clara County) and fresh cases in Maryland, Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Source: Worldometers