Coronavirus: Cardi B hints she may relocate to Antarctica


By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

American rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar popularly known as Cardi B has reacted to the coronavirus pandemic.

In an Instagram video, the 27-year-old mother of one reassured her fans that she had a major plan on how to stay free of the viral disease. She jokingly said that she would be relocating to Antarctica with her family till the end of the outbreak.

Whilst applying hand sanitiser, she said ”Government! Government! I know something is getting real when the stock market getting low. What a white corporate American hates the most is losing their money. Tell me when I need to move to Antarctica”. 

”Is Coronavirus going to be just a couple of weeks? I’m scared! Common on now! Let’s stop playing around. I need to know so I can rack up some food. This shit is spreading. Bye!”

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