179 contacts on isolation for Coronavirus released in Lagos, Ogun

Prof. Akin Abayomi briefing newsmen

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Lagos State Government on Friday disclosed that all 179 people on isolation who had contact with the index case, an Italian who brought Coronavirus to Nigeria, have been released.

Of the 179 people who had contact with the index case, 40 of them were quarantined in Ogun State while THE remaining were monitored in Lagos State.

Lagos Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, at a news conference to give update on Coronavirus situation in the state on Friday said initially, 179 contacts with the Italian were traced and that since they had exceeded the mandatory 14 days isolation, they had been let go as none of them developed any symptom of the disease.

He said the index case still remained on admission, but noted that “he is perfectly well now, we are only keeping him because he still has some secretion of the virus. Test shows that anytime from now, he may be negative. If he is negative, we will conduct another test within 48 hours after and if he is still negative, we will set him free.

“We are close to discharging the index case, we want to be sure he poses no danger to the society anymore.”

On the Nigerian who was initially tested positive to Coronavirus for being in contact with the index case, Abayomi said he had now been tested negative twice and might have been released by now.

“His tests initially showed that he was positive to Coronavirus twice and now, he has tested negative to the virus twice on two consecutive tests carried out. The remaining contact in Ogun and Lagos State remain symptom-free and they have exceeded 14 days surveillance which means that we have been able to interrupt the transmission between the index case and others. The index case and its threat to Nigeria has been eliminated.

“Those isolated in Ogun State have been discharged, in Lagos, we will not follow up the contacts again because none of them has developed symptoms. We are discharging all,” he said.

On the four children and their teacher quarantined recently, the commissioner disclosed that they had been discharged as they all tested negative to the virus, likewise another man from the US who was earlier quarantined.

On the next move, Abayomi said “We believe that by being extremely aggressive, we will curtail the outbreak,” saying that the state government had sent more health personnel to the airport to assist the Federal medical team.




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    A Satire

    The Nigeria's Coronavirus King and his Executive Committee met with the Chinese Corona Virus at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria- News.

    The Chinese Corona is on a world tour. He wanted to demonstrate his tricks to mutate and wreck havoc for Nigerian Corona king.

    Reports say Nigerian Corona Virus King is not doing well because of the President Buhari one-sided war against Corruption.

    Anyways, the meeting didnt go well.

    Nigeria Corona Virus king asked the Chinese Corona Virus:

    Wetin you come do here?

    But rather than answering the question posed, the Chinese Corona Virus wanted to boost his own ego.

    The Chinese-Corona-Virus, asked the Nigeria coronavirus,

    "don't you hear I have become world famous- famous in China, America, Iran, Italy and Brazil?

    Nigeria Coronavirus King, being giant and huge in stature, considered the Chinese Corona Virus question arrogant and disrespectful. So, he ordered one of his men to slap and headbutt Chinese Corona Virus right there at the Airport.

    Nigeria Coronavirus is very sensitive.

    He is not really educated. But he is a hustler and streewise.

    Some of his inner members are considering a Hate Speech Bill in the National Assembly.

    The sponsors of that bill are the illiterates members of the Nigerian Virus King kitchen cabinet.

    The Nigeria Corona virus king is always angry. Angry when he is supposed to be happy. Things of happiness make him angry. Anger makes him more angry.

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    The Nigerian delegation were huge, tall, very big, masculine and looked particularly dangerous.

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    The fight between the Nigerian viruses define their nation.

    The British caused these different people, different Corona Viruses, from different nations, to unite into a hostile and diabolical environment, causing apathy, low moral, disenchantment and exploding population.

    So, Nigeria's Corona-Virus-King asked the Chinese Corona-virus,

    I say wetin you come do here? Wetin be your agenda? Na trouble go trouble you!

    Didn't we divide the world and gave you China at the United Nations Corona viruses Meeting in 1970?

    As the Chinese Coronavirus wanted to answer these questions, he was met with another slap and body blows?

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    The Federal Govt has appointed a select committee to study the effects of Corona Virus. Unbeknownst to the Buhari govt, members of the Committee are themselves Corona Virus affecting the Nigeria State.

    By Owolabi Alaba

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