Lionel Messi to spend $4million to get Ronaldinho out of jail.

Barcelona Superstar Lionel Messi is preparing to put up $4million to help release his former teammate and mentor, Ronaldinho from Paraguayan jail following news of the Brazilian’s arrest last week.

Ronaldinho was arrested by Paraguay authorities for traveling with a fake passport, while he is also allegedly under investigation for additional crimes.

The Brazil legend is thought to have traveled to the South American country on the invitation of a casino owner and was planning to take part in a children’s soccer clinic and to launch his book ‘Genius of Life’.

After being taken by police, a judge denied Ronaldinho and his brother house arrest due to fears that they would try to escape the country amid a media frenzy.

Ronaldinho could face six months behind bars after being arrested in Paraguay.

However, 90Min reported that Messi is planning to help his friend in the upcoming legal battle by hiring four lawyers to take his case, costing up to $4m.

The two have been close ever since Messi, 32, came through the ranks at Barcelona and developed under Ronaldinho’s guidance.