America welcomes medical professionals to battle coronavirus. Above Passengers at the JFK Airport in New York:

The United States is luring medical professionals all over the world to come to help fight COVID-19 pandemic.

A country that had hitherto shut its doors against migrants has now rolled out the red carpet to welcome them.

In a Twitter post on Thursday night, the State Department put out an invitation to medical professionals all over the world, and that will include, we guess, professionals from countries the Trump administration has banned.

“We encourage medical professionals seeking work in the U.S. on a work or exchange visitor visa (H or J), particularly those working on #COVID19 issues, to contact the nearest U.S. Embassy/ Consulate for a visa appointment”, said the notice by the State Department.

The open invitation has attracted criticisms on the social media.

“Covid 19 has exposed United States as lacking the Might required to masquerade as a Super Power. The United States is Unable to Manage a Public Health Pandemic & is resorting to Stealing Medical Doctors from other countries. This is Definitely Not the Finest Moment for the US…”, wrote Isuph J.T.

Nigerian-born U.S. attorney also condemned the move to poach foreign doctors.

“Africa’s already limited medical capacity should not be further ravaged by the avaricious poaching of its critical medical professionals”, he said.

“Hopefully the US has recognised its error in the visa ban on Nigerians who are crucial health sector professionals.

“Trump should reverse the wholesale ban rather than pick and choose in a disingenuous game of brain drain”, he wrote.

Sunan Ozel, also condemned the undisguised poaching: “While the whole World is struggling under the Covid-19 pandemic, the response of USA: “let’s steal their doctors. Shame on you, USA”.

“Your plea might have worked out a little better if we didn’t spend the last 3 years disparaging the world”, David Knight said.