Football will be different after Coronavirus - FIFA President

Gianni Infantino


Gianni Infantino: FIFA President
Gianni Infantino: FIFA President

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has revealed that football will be totally different once the Coronavirus Pandemic ends.

Football across the world has been badly hit by the virus, with football leagues across Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and even Africa put on hold to prevent the spread of the disease.

Money spinning competitions like the Euros, Champions and Europa League and even the Olympics have been postponed due to the virus with major clubs forcing their players to take a pay cut during this period to prevent clubs from shutting down over losses incurred during this period of no football.

And Infantino, FIFA’s president says football will change when it restarts.

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“Football will come back, and when it does, we’ll celebrate coming out of a nightmare together,”Infantino told the Italian news agency ANSA in an interview.

“There is one lesson, however, that both you and me must have understood: the football that will come after the virus will be totally different (more) inclusive, more social and more supportive, connected to the individual countries and at the same time more global, less arrogant and more welcoming.”

He added: “We will be better, more human and more attentive to true values.”

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