Spain sets world record with 950 Coronavirus deaths in one day

A health worker stretchers a dead body in Madrid

Coronavirus: A health worker stretchers a dead body

Coronavirus: A health worker stretchers a dead body

Spain said on Thursday, that it recorded 950 people dying in last 24 hours, the highest number of deaths of any country in one day.

This was before France released a death record of 1,355 that eclipsed it.

Italy’s deaths of 919 people on March 27, was formerly the highest in the world in a single day.

The number of confirmed Spanish cases rose from 102,136 on Wednesday to 110,238 – an 8% rise that is similar to the rate recorded in previous days, BBC reports.

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Authorities believe the virus is now peaking and say they expect to see a drop in figures in the days ahead.

“We continue with an increase of around 8%. This points, as we have already seen, to a stabilisation in the data that we’re registering,” María José Sierra, from the Spanish health ministry’s emergency co-ordination unit, said at a news conference.

Spain, the second-worst hit nation in terms of deaths, has also lost nearly 900,000 jobs.

The US on Thursday said it saw a record 6.6 million new unemployment benefit claims.

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