Learn new methods to prepare ‘Moi-Moi’ (video)

Moin Moin

Moi-Moi (Beans pudding)

Moi-Moi (Beans pudding)

‘Moi-Moi’ (Beans pudding) is one favorite food in a typical Nigerian home, especially for elderly people who are looking to be healthy and avoid all the sugary stuff.

A lot of people love moi moi but are usually stifled with the preparation process, and so they cook it once in a while.

In this video, food and lifestyle vlogger Sisiyemmie, show us how to prepare Moi Moi with ease in two new methods. Watch and learn.

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Moi Moi is usually great with pap, custard, bread e.t.c let us know what you eat yours with in the comments and if you would try out this method.

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