Comedian AY’s wife, Mabel reacts to surgery's body

Mabel Makun

Mabel Makun

Mabel Makun, the wife of popular comedian and actor, Ayo Makun also known as AY as addressed the claims that she has undergone a cosmetic surgery to have a perfect body.

There have been claims that she has a ‘surgery body, but according to the interior decorator, if she ever goes under the knife, she would do so unashamedly.

She wrote on her Instagram page; “There is nothing that I have not heard, from she has done her body to fake body and surgery body bla bla bla. They keep singing it like a song don’t you guys get tired?

“You all are beginning to sound like a broken record 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Seriously though, let’s stop the bitterness and appreciate God’s handwork😁The truth is, if in the future I choose to go under the knife, I will do it with pride😊😊”

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