Eniola Badmus reacts to alleged fraud of giveaway fund


Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus
Eniola Badmus

Popularly Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has come out to clear the air over the rumours that she defrauded a well-meaning Nigerian, Pius Omoyele who wanted to giveaway N500,000 to Nigerians amid the lockdown.

According to Omoyele who is based in the United States, he had asked Badmus to use her platform on Instagram to help dispense the sum of N5, 000 naira to 100 Nigerians each (N500,000 in total) as giveaways to alleviate the suffering occasioned by the lockdown.

Upon agreeing to dispense the cash gifts, Omoyele alleged the actress later tried asking for an extra N150, 000 for her to be able to do the work.

However, in an interview with THENEWS, the Nollywood actress has come out to defend herself.

According to her, she only charged a fee from the sponsor as a businesswoman, while Omoyele is being economical with the truth.

Badmus insisted that she only asked for a fee to pay for the bank charges that would be incurred by her, since Omoyele had asked her to pay the money via different bank accounts. “If you send money to different banks from your account, does your bank charge you?.” she asked.

“How can you come to somebody’s DM that I want you to help me send 5, 000 naira each to 100 people and you think my bank will do it for free? They will charge me,” she averred

“That was exactly what happened. He said I should send N5, 000 to different bank accounts. He said I should do it on my platform. In the process who is going to be in charge of all these charges, if I may ask?”

Badmus, however, said before Omoyele contacted her via Instagram, she hadn’t met him and doesn’t know how he looks. “I don’t even know how he looks like. I don’t even know him. He tried to spoil my name, which I have cleared the air,” she maintained.

The Nollywood actress also released a statement to clear the air.

“I woke up to this and I thought it will be nice to give clarity and clear the air on it. This incident has nothing to do with taking advantage of people or discouraging the need to give out especially using my platform.

“This particular person indicated interest to do a 500( hundred0 thousand Naira giveaway and I felt there will be extra cost for bank charges and stamp duty, which I wasn’t going to bare(sic) the transfer charges for that, so I asked he bares(sic) it.

“But in scenarios where people engage you as an influencer to drive giveaways from a business point of view, then business conversations need to happen.

“Meanwhile I posted the giveaway already on my page and he has been enjoying the fame because he insisted I put his handle.

“We all know sending money to 100 people is quite tasking. Is just funny the way people are quick to judge.

“I am and have always been a fan of adding value to lives and my yearly #eniolabadmusfeedstheneedy speaks volumes in this regard. We can’t be discouraged.”

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