UAE doctors unveil possible game changer in COVID-19 treatment

Doctors at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre UAE

Doctors at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre UAE

Doctors at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre UAE

United Arab Emirates(UAE) has announced a breakthrough in coronavirus treatment “which could be a game-changer in the global fight” against the pandemic.

Hend Al Otaiba, director of strategic communications of the UAE Foreign Ministry announced the breakthrough made by the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre.

She said the treatment regenerates lung cells and prevents the immune system from overreacting.

According to her, the treatment involves the extraction of stem cells from a patient’s blood.

Then the stem cells are reintroduced into the lungs via inhalation of a mist.

“[This] could have a significant impact on our ability to live with the virus until a vaccine is available,” Al Otaiba added.

The treatment has undergone an initial phase of clinical trials, with no harmful side effects.

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Seventy three patients made full recoveries, using the treatment method, according to Otaiba.

Many of the trial patients were moderately to severely ill prior to treatment.

Many were also intubated in an intensive care unit.

More trials are being conducted and a clearer understanding of the treatment’s potential should be available in the coming weeks.

The UAE has so far recorded 13,038 coronavirus cases but has maintained a relatively low death toll with only 111 fatalities.

Meanwhile, 2,543 people, nearly 20 percent of the country’s infected patients, have recovered.

Reported by Alarabiya

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