Victoria Inyama educates fans on domestic violence

Victoria Inyama

Victoria Inyama

UK based Nollywood actress and mum of 3 Victoria Inyama shares knowledge on domestic violence. with her 100 thousand Instagram followers.

This she did to sensitize and create more awareness.

The post is however about those who are likely to abuse other people and the solution to this menace.

Read her write up..

Harmful/Unreasonable Aggression is most likely to be shown by persons who aren’t Fully Functioning 💔

Fully Functioning People are more in touch with their Deep Inner Experiencing & have a clearer Perspective on the World around them & are not likely to be Disruptively Aggressive.

Rogers (1989) emphasized on our abilities to be rational & to be able to make appropriate Responses to Situations..

these abilities will supposedly develop naturally if the proper conditions exist, Rogers further offered a solution stating that for the Problem of Human Destructiveness to be curved, there should be the creation of Conditions that Allow Fulfillment of Basic human Potentialities…

All Highly Social Beings want Harmonious Interpersonal Relationships!!!!
I pray you all have a Harmonious Monday/Week. 💚🧡❤💜🤍🖤🤎

Victoria on the other hand came into limelight after she was discovered by fellow actor Alex Usifo.

She was formerly married to Godwin Okri, but the marriage didn’t last due to irreconcilable differences.

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