Coronavirus fatalities cross 250,000 worldwide

Global Coronavirus death toll reached a new dark milestone on Monday night, crossing the quarter million mark.

Both John Hopkins University and tracking the virus impact showed that the Covid-19 fatalities have surpassed 250,000.

While John Hopkins reported a death toll of 250,687, worldometers showed the fatalities surging higher at 251,612.

The new level was reached as cases around the world continue to surge past 3.5 million.

In the last 24 hours, some 3,466 deaths were reported, while while nearly 72,246 new infections were counted.

According to, the global total of infections is now 3,635,935. John Hopkins counter showed 3,573,864.

The United States, the top Covid-19 hot spot and Europe, especially Russia, drove the surge in new cases and deaths.

The US accounted for fewer than 1,000 of the new fatalities, adding 878 between Sunday and Monday evening.

Seven hard-hit countries in Europe, where outbreaks have infected in excess of 100,000 people reported altogether 1,170 deaths as at 2300GMT.

In total, the US has counted 69,476 deaths, said

Italy is second with 29,079 deaths.

UK has the third highest death toll at 28,734, followed by Spain with 25,428.

France has the fifth highest death record of 25,201.