Body Shaming: Denola Grey shameful of old tweets


Denola Grey

Denola Grey
Denola Grey

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Nigerian model, fashion consultant, and actor, Denola Grey has reacted his tweets from 9 years ago, brought out by a Twitter user to discredit his recent body positivity message.

Someone had commented on Adele’s body saying he preferred her when she was chubby.

In response, Denola Grey advised people to stop commenting on other people’s bodies. To discredit his advice, a Twitter user brought up the model’s tweets from 9 years ago when he not only commented on others’ bodies but also fat-shamed people.

Meanwhile, he admitted that his tweets then were shameful and doesn’t represent how he sees the world now. He further advised people against body shaming and commenting unsolicitedly on others’ bodies.

See His Response Below:

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