Russia overtakes UK for World No. 3 in coronavirus cases

Russia sets another coronavirus record

COVID-19 cases in Russia above 850,000

Russia now World No.3 in coronavirus cases

Russia is now officially the third worst-hit country by the coronavirus.

It overtook UK this morning after it posted yet another monstrous 10, 899 cases, taking its total to 232,243.

UK has 223,060 cases and has now fallen into the 4th place, although it has the highest fatality of 32,065 in Europe.

Russia in contrast has 2,116 deaths after adding 107 deaths recorded on Tuesday.

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The country has been posting for the past ten days, huge numbers over 10,000.

However, Tuesday’s number is less than the 11, 656 posted on Monday.

Only Spain and the U.S. are now ahead of Russia in coronavirus caseload.

Spain has 268,143 cases and 26,744 fatalities, while U.S. has 1,385,834 cases and 81,795 deaths.

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