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Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah

30 year old motivational speaker and writer Eva Alordiah reveals how discomforting wearing bras can be for most women especially herself.

The content creator and rapper said when she wears a bra, it is for the men, because left to her, she’ll prefare walking bra less.

Read her post:

Nipsey Hustling. 💦 I don’t like bras. Let’s talk👇🏿Share! Follow me 👉🏽@evaxalordiah | Generally I just think Bras are so uncomfortable. For me.
And I am not the only woman who feels this way.

My breasts are a part of my body, not just singular entities separate from me.
So when I am locked in and strapped under the sore clasping of the hooks and cups of a bra, it is my entire body in subjection to that discomfort.
Of course there are women who need an extra support, and could do with a support garment. This is no discredit to that fact.

But if I had to choose everyday, I would walk free, with my breasts dancing wildly and unassuming in front of me, my nipples announcing me in the room before I do.

And oh Lord the Nips!

Can someone, a man, please explain to me what it is about the nipples that make them such a crave and a catalyst for sexual arousal? 👇🏿 I can hardly understand it. Or maybe I do and I’ll just really love your candid opinions.

Subconsciously however we women know that it is, and so we will go through the pain of been clasped in a bra-

When I wear a Bra, I do it for you.
To help you help yourself from going crazy over nipples.
When I don’t wear a bra, I do it for me.
To help me help myself fucking breathe.

Why am I writing this?
Well I’m a writer who writes the things people don’t like to say.
If I have written for you, Woman, signify in comments.
Why don’t you like bras? Let’s chat 👇🏿

Eva was introduced to music by her mom, who listened to musical recordings from the 1970s and 1980s. She has a degree in Computer Science from Bowen University.

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