Almajiri is no longer the same - Community leader laments

Almajiri children setting out to beg for food. They are a creation of northern elite

Almajiri children setting out to beg for food.

File Photo of Almajiri children

Alhaji Uba Aliyu, a community leader in Kaduna South Local Government Area has lamented the state of Almajiri children in Kaduna.

While lauding Gov. Nasir el-Rufai for banning Almajiri children (Islamic school pupils), he said that parents now need to invest in their children’s lives.

He said the development would complement the state government’s child protection and welfare law.

“Times changed, Almajiri is no longer the same as it was in the past; it is high time for parents to own up to their responsibility and enroll their wards to Quranic school in their immediate environment.

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“We are witness to how the Almajiri children, expected to be in school were wandering the streets begging and scavenging for food,” he said

Aliyu added that the evacuation and return of the children to their parents would help in monitoring their education and general well being.

He advocated for the restructuring of the Almajiri school to be in tune with modern day realities, to protect the children and enable them to learn the Qur’an.

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