President Buhari steps out for Juma’at service

President Muhammadu Buhari stepped out today for the Juma’at service.

It was his first time since end March when COVID-19 restrictions were imposed.

He was joined at the State House mosque by some of his aides.

In the photos posted by photographer Sunday Aghaeze, the people at the mosque were scanty.

It was certainly not the usual Juma’at service. Not the usual congregation expected at a Juma’at.

Afterall, we are still in the season of COVID-19.

And the President has been the champion of COVID-19 campaign.

He has been enjoining citizens to observe all protocols to stay safe.

Buhari, second right on front row during the Juma’at service

Buhari listens as the Imam of the mosque delivers a sermon

Garba Shehu, left and other aides with President Buhari