Bongos Ikwue

Bongos Ikwue

Nigeria’s iconic musician, Bongos Ikwue, has called on Nigerian and world leaders to find a way to appease the earth as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the earth.

Ikwue, known for hit songs such, Keep Searching, Cock Crow at Dawn, Otachikpokpo and others, gave the message at the weekend, to commemorate his 78th birthday anniversary, which was held at low key in Otukpo, Benue state.

In an open letter entitled ‘COVID-19: Now the Earth is crying, we have to listen’, the music legend, said the only solution to the global scourge was for the government and privileged individuals to share what they have got with the less-privileged in the society.

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“I believe the planet earth is wounded, it needs healing. This healing can only come when the (government and privileged citizens) in the world understands that the wealth of this world belongs to the world. Government and world leaders MUST find a way to appease the earth by evenly distributing the wealth of the world. (WODW) #wealthoftheworld.

“Coronavirus (Covid-19) has shown clearly that all the technologies of the world can and have failed.

“Now the earth is crying, we must listen. The warning bell has sounded, but are we listening?

“When we, for instance, set bushes ablaze, we set the homes of animals ablaze; that is where they live.

“This is my warning to those who care to listen. If I have your attention, thank you for listening at all.

“Let humility take charge of your life; arrogance is deadly.

“Arrogance kills the clean flow of pure knowledge into your being.

“You can destroy arrogance only by humbly taking charge of your life.

“Arrogance blocks innovation.

“Wealth has been defined wrongly.

“It is not defined by cars or lands or houses.

“We came here with nothing. We will leave with nothing.

“Everything you own will outlive you.

“You own everything if you share all you have with others.

“Until we destroy arrogance, it will destroy us.

“The extent of the wisdom of nature is far too great for us to comprehend.

“We must humble ourselves because arrogance contaminates purity”.