Adenike Adebayo

By Jennifer Okundia

Content creator, YouTuber and media personality Adenike Adebayo is excited to take us through her pregnancy journey with pictures from her photo shoot.

The mum to be married her hubby Tosin in 2017 and they decided to take some time to adjust into married life before getting pregnant.

Taking to social media to share her baby bump, Olori Esho as she is often called penned a message to herself and God for her journey:

God is so FREAKING good!
Like Yo!!! 😂 For real!
He is soooooo good!

The love of my entire life!
The evidence of God’s existence.
The evidence of God’s love for us.

The best thing that ever happened to me, led us here; to the best thing that has ever happened to US!


Adenike also used the medium to share a vlog on her YouTube channel, encouraging couples to have babies when they are ready and not give in to pressure.

She shared this message as a caption on her video:

Almost anywhere in the world, a couple is expected to have a baby immediately after getting married. What’s the wait for? In this video, I share my experience in deciding to wait to have a baby after getting married and also our trying to conceive journey (TTC).
Please note that I’m not a medical professional and some of the things I shared in the video might not apply if you have underlying health conditions, you’re over a certain age or other peculiarities that might apply to you.