Twitterati topple Nnamdi Kanu, proclaim IPOB dead


Nnamdi Kanu: Facebook block his page

Nnamdi Kanu: Twitterati proclaim IPOB dead

As far as Nigeria’s Twitterati are concerned, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s reign as leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra is over.

A hashtag #IPOBhasFallen began trending on Nigerian Twitter on Monday, with tweets exposing one scam or the other committed by Kanu.

The integrity attacks followed the accusation by the Nigerian government that Kanu has been spending $85,000 monthly to spread lies about the treatment of Christians in Nigeria.

A government statement pointed out the incongruity in this as Kanu claims to be a Jew, often wearing the Jewish skullcap called Kippah.

The commenters on Twitter on Monday , with pictures and videos questioned Kanu’s integrity.

One tweet by Ara Emeka Joshua said:

“I have never seen deceit like this before in my life. That someone is obtaining money by trick from everywhere claiming is fighting for our freedom #IPOBhasFallen”.

Here is another tweet pushing #IPOBhasFallen:

However, Kanu and IPOB’s die-hards pooh-poohed the campaign, accusing agents of the Federal Government of being the masterminds.

And they predict the campaign is of no effect on IPOB or Kanu’s status as the leader.

But there are some tweets that wondered why people are bothered about IPOB and Kanu, as they were online creations.

One commenter said IPOB only represents a fraction of Igbo people.

“There is no IPOB talk more of it falling. Check the world map it’s not there, it only on twitter”, said Zaharadeem Muhammad.

“Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of IPOB not the leader of Igbo race. Igbo ewero Eze

“Within the Igbo’s we know the members of ipob. So if the story is true its simply means Nnamdi KANU has scammed ipob members not Igbos. Because millions of Igbos are not part of Ipob”, wrote Divinemc111.


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