Did Nollywood couple Afeez & Mide Martins welcome twins?


Mide & Afeez Owo

Mide & Afeez Owo

Some reports stated that Nollywood Couple, Afeez Olayiwola (known as Afeez Owo), and his wife Mide Funmi Martins welcomed twins on Monday.

These reports were fuelled by the post shared by Mr. Afeez Owo on his Instagram page at about 2 pm.

The Nollywood actor and movie producer posted a picture of himself with twins.

He captioned the post: “Congratulations to the latest Baba Ibeji.”

However, many of his colleagues and fans took to the comment section to congratulate him and his wife.

There were questions hanging but no one bothered to ask.

The family welcomed a baby in May 2020 and couldn’t have welcomed another in June 2020.

Many might be unaware of the fact that they welcomed a child in May, but the post was fishy as the actor didn’t state the time and date the babies were born by his wife.

His wife, Mide Martins, also took to the comment section to congratulate him jokingly but her active Instagram page showed nothing about new babies.

However, after over 28,000 thousand congratulatory messages on Instagram and multiple reports, Afeez Owo cleared the air.

He came back on Instagram about 11 pm and stated that he was not the father of the twins.

According to him, it was just to show his love for twin babies.

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