Between COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine

Sen. Magnus Abe

Magnus Abe

Magnus Abe

By Senator Magnus Abe

This debate over hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and zinc as a cure for COVID-19 is really getting me confused.

I am just trying to check out the facts as I know them. Let me start with the facts that are not disputed.

1. There is malaria in many parts of world, a deadly fever but thank God it’s curable.

2. Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and zinc are all legal medications available all over the world for the treatment of various ailments including malaria.

3. Chloroquine has been approved, distributed, prescribed for decades to the knowledge of the World Health Organization (WHO), and taken safely over the years by millions of people all over the world for the treatment of malaria.

4. There is now a worldwide outbreak of coronavirus disease now known as COVID-19 which the WHO says is incurable and there is no known cure.

5. We have people all over the world claiming that they got sick with COVID-19, they took hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and zinc and they were cured.

6. WHO insists that there is no cure and so people should not take hydroxychloroquine because it will not cure them even though it has cured some others.

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7. WHO allowed the world for years to take chloroquine as a treatment for malaria which is a curable disease, but is insisting that people should not take the same chloroquine for COVID-19 which is more dangerous and an incurable disease.

8. The World Health Organization is now saying that chloroquine is more dangerous than Covid, so if you have covid stay away from chloroquine, because chloroquine can kill you.

9. So we should now be more afraid of Chloroquine, than of COVID-19?

Yet we were encouraged to take chloroquine for years and we were not told of this danger till people started claiming it cured Covid which WHO says is incurable.

10. The World Health Organization says Covid is incurable so if you contact covid, you must go to an isolation Centre, get on a ventilator, die. Etc. You can do anything on earth except take chloroquine, but if you get malaria you can still take chloroquine because malaria is curable?

The facts just don’t add up. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but this chloroquine drama is getting me paranoid.

As I understand it, we are at war with COVID-19 not chloroquine, we should throw everything at Covid including chloroquine.

Everyone knows that’s Doctors when faced with difficult cases try different drugs, I just don’t understand this sudden drama about chloroquine. Someone needs to explain it properly to me.

-Senator Magnus Abe, is a former Senator representing Rivers South East.

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