Viral video of Nigerian ladies stranded in Lebanon hits social media

Capture 2

Some of the stranded Nigerian girls

A video of Nigerian ladies stranded in Lebanon has hit the social media with former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode crying to the Federal Government to come to the aid of the girls.

Watch video below:

“This is sad and unfortunate. I guess not everyone will have a good sallah. Whatever they may have done wrong these are our people. These are our girls. These are our compatriots. These are Nigerians. We cannot abandon them. We cannot turn a blind eye to this,” Fani-Kayode cried out.
“I have forwarded this video to those I know in the Federal Government, the Presidency, the First Lady, the Speaker of the House, the Minister of Aviation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs for necessary action.
“I appeal to them and to President Muhammadu Buhari, in the name of God and humanity, to help them out and bring our girls home. I appeal to them to wipe away our tears and to put an end to this national shame and disgrace,” he added.
Fani-Kayode said “First our people are sold into slavery in Libya and it is shown on CNN. Now our girls are caught in the evil web of human trafficking and are stranded in Lebanon and it is shown on London Real. The whole world views these two powerful international media mediums and are laughing at us.
“Please let us do something to salvage the situation and regain our honor. These are OUR girls: we cannot and must not abandon them. Barka da sallah.”
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