LG Electronics targets 50 families for Free Wash Centre in Lagos


Officials from LG Electronics unveil it's upgraded free Wash centre

Officials from LG Electronics unveil it’s upgraded free Wash centre

By Daniel Ekugo

LG Electronics, last weekend, upgraded its Free Wash Centre in Ogba, Ikeja, suburb of Lagos, with new sets of commercial washers and dryers for efficient free service delivery to families in the community.

The upgrading of the Ogba centre, in line with other centres in Nigeria was the introduction of the company’s commercial washing machine known as Giant C Pro, developed to add value to its teeming customers.

The centres were officially launched in 2018 as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), included the free laundry service targeted at alleviating the problem of residents to efficiently carry out their laundry activities.

The upgraded laundry centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to effectively take care of laundry needs of up to 50 local families each day at no cost.

According to Hari Elluru, head of Corporate Marketing Division, said that “The newly added set of commercial washing machines/dryers will not only improve the living conditions, as well as support the daily washing needs of people in the area, but will also save time, because of its high efficiency.

“It has adaptable controls that provide the space-saving and convenience without compromising capacity while retaining easy to reach controls. The controls are always at a convenient height and are versatile enough to match your needs,” Elluru added.

Jiung Park, general manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics, said the upgraded washing machine has enabled LG to use its capabilities through the Life’s Good with LG Wash, to help local communities solve some of their regional issues, and allow residents spend more quality time with their families.

“For us, we believe that ‘Life’s Good’ when shared with others. We have remained competitive while improving sustainability; we have enabled investment and innovation required to deploy new technologies and to safely and responsibly develop progressive products. With this upgrading, LG Electronics will continue to support communities even in the future,” Park further said.

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