Stallion Group acquires Bajaj Tricycles

Stallion and Bajaj

Stallion and Bajaj

Stallion Group Acquires Bajaj Tricycles
Stallion and Bajaj

By Daniels Ekugo

Following the successful acquisition of the Bajaj franchise by the Stallion Group recently, the latter is taking proactive and preventive measures to make sure, contact between the Keke operator and the passengers behind are minimized to control the spread of Coronavirus disease.

Managing Director, Stallion Auto KeKe Limited, Mr Manish Rohtagi who disclosed this yesterday, stating that, a flexible separator is designed to keep passengers and driver away and that the Group is also going to distribute it at no cost to their dealers.

Apart from that, Manish added that Stallion is equally preparing a specilaised kit that will include masks and sanitizers for both the drivers and commuters.

In terms of a cleaner environment, the MD noted that, with government support, it is estimated that Bajaj brand of tricycles can provide Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the future across Nigeria.

He pointed out that, his company is confident that, with the help of policymakers, they can make public transportation more affordable and cleaner.

According to Manish, there is opportunity that Bajaj has vast potentials for growth in the Nigerian market.

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He said Bajaj is the dominant tricycle brand with over 70% market share in populous countries like India Argentina, Columbia and many other Asian & Latin American countries.

He, therefore, noted that Nigerian success story is a matter of time.

“the right approach and service to the dealers and consumers to bring out the USPs of the product and essence of the brand will add strength for it to become the market leader”, he said.

Stressing that Bajaj is the world leader and market leader in North, Central Nigeria and many states in the East with a dominant market share of over 85%, Manish added that their focus has always been in keeping their employees and dealers satisfied.

“The core of our strategy in non-leading markets would revolve around our channel partners. The Nigerian customer is very evolved and well informed, and they have a keen eye for value for money and support by the company. We are committed to bring this to them”, he said.

On their future plans, Manish stated that their immediate task is to establish and forge long

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