Who is Daniel Damilola Nejo and Why Is He All Over My YouTube?


Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel Damilola NejoBy Taiwo Okanlawon

If you have a smartphone and use social media (especially YouTube), you will most likely have seen video ads from Daniel Nejo wanting to teach you how to start an online business. He knows how to grab attention and he does it very well.

As a brand, business or entrepreneur, when your ad or marketing becomes a meme with tens and thousands of engagements, you must be doing something right.

As a digital entrepreneur, Daniel understands the importance of creating “Attention Grabbing Ads”, hate it or love it – it works!

Huge companies like Coca-Cola, MTN, Amazon, GLO and the likes spend 100s of millions of dollars on marketing and Advertising yearly, but for some reason – small businesses and entrepreneurs have a problem with spending money to put their work or product out there?

If you are serious about your product, brand or business, then you MUST be advertising, you MUST always be putting your work/product out there, there is no such thing as “Too much advertising” – Said Daniel Nejo.

So, who is Daniel Damilola Nejo?

Daniel is a young Nigerian who moved to London in 2015 to get a Masters in Business Information System Management from Middlesex University.

He runs a creative design and marketing agency called “Presidential Ideas” which he started way back in Nigeria at the age of 19 on his grand-mother’s dining table.

In 2017, he was endorsed as a “Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology” by the UK Government because of his work, impact and potential growth his work will bring to the UK digital economy.

This endorsement comes with a 5 years UK visa, this was how Daniel was able to stay back in the UK after completing his masters in 2017.

The tech talent visa is a special, unique visa and endorsement created by the UK Government to attract intelligent, creative and entrepreneurial people to the UK (they keep taking all our bright people, don’t they?)

Besides being a creative and digital marketing expert, Daniel is an avid content creator and he uses his experience, knowledge and expertise to add value to hundreds of thousands of people around the world (especially Nigeria and Ghana) through his blog ThePresidentialHustle and his self-funded free online university NejoUniversity where he teaches tens of thousands of people practical digital skills and how to monetize them.

Daniel Damilola Nejo surely knows how to grab attention and knows a lot about marketing and branding, he is the most talked about digital entrepreneur in Nigeria and he uses his platform to empower and teach people various digital entrepreneurship businesses.
He believes that with the right guidance, information and support, people can be empowered to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs and contribute meaningfully to their society without having to resort to anything illegal.

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