Global COVID-19 cases hit new record, America over 5 million

Testing for COVID-19 in China 2

Covid-19 testing in China

Global COVID-19 cases above 19 million

Global COVID-19 cases attained new milestones on Thursday night, overshooting the 19 million mark and accelerating to new record.

According the, confirmed cases around the world are now 19,252,483, with death toll standing at 717,564.

The United States also crossed the 5 million mark in registered infections.

The new 58,611 cases reported on Thursday took the country’s total to 5,032,179.

Over 1,200 people also died, increasing the death toll to 162,804.

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Brazil, the world’s second worst affected country had a death toll of 98,644.

It remarkably recorded more death than the U.S. in a 24 hour cycle, logging in 1,226.

Top 10 worst hit countries:

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